Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I get to golf tomorrow thanks to hurricane Matthew, of all things


The universe must have read my last post and done some shuffling for me.

I get to golf TOMORROW!

My baby sitter's university in North Carolina has been closed since hurricane Matthew, and so she's home this week.

I am very excited, but also trying hard not to forget that my fortune comes at the cost of many thousands of lives being upturned due to the catastrophic flooding in North Carolina. Flooding that is only getting worse in many places as rivers keep rising from water entering upstream. I can't imagine the panic and desperation those citizens must be experiencing as they've lost the comfort of their homes (or were trapped at home) and scrambled to safety.

So I've made sure to donate to flood relief, particularly the Food Bank of Eastern and Central North Carolina.

Because Matthew devastated Haiti as well, I've also made a donation to UNICEF for their relief efforts, too.  It will take them much longer to recover from this crisis and conditions there make it an uphill battle. Giving money is the least I can do.

Karma certainly cannot be bought, but I am one to recognize that sometimes even small opportunities come at the cost of the suffering of others. In this case, that cost is extremely large. So I am thankful for this opportunity and promise the universe I won't squander it.

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