Sunday, May 1, 2016

Mother's Day Golf Gift Ideas

Dear Children of the Women in my Weekly Golf League,
Your mothers kick some major tail. Many of them are still what you might consider beginners, but they are a heck of a bunch to play a round with.
I hope you realize this game gives them an opportunity to be a competitor, to keep an athletic edge. It's more than exercise, it's the hustle they seek to stay sharp. Sure, some just want to play and gab with friends, but most others are very serious about winning their flights, or earning the cash payout from chip-ins. Leaving the course they go back to being wives and mothers and grandmothers, but for nine holes each Friday, they're competitors.
With that in mind, let me be honest with you: you can do better than flowers, or candy, or even jewelry. These are all nice gifts, sure, but your mom's a golfer. Golfers love golf things. And I can tell that the way these women live with the responsibilities of life at the forefront, so their equipment and golf accessories take a seat waaaaaaaaay in the back of all their other priorities. These momma's equipment need an upgrade.
So do your golfing mom a big one and get her some new golf accessories. Something shiny, sharp, and new. Personal touches are encouraged. For example, the Christmas after I got married, my sister gave me a personalized ball marker with my new last name on it. It came in a shiny little golf-ball shaped holder, which I still keep it in. Now every time I mark my ball, I get the positive feeling of thinking about my sister. Plus, it's way cooler than a crappy, dirty penny.
Let your mom think happy things about you every time she is on the course by giving her awesome, thoughtful golf gifts! Here are some ideas:
  1. Personalized zipper pouch: fill it with tees, divot tools, club head brushes, etc. This one is from Clairebella, where they have tons of designs to suit any style.personalized-zipper-pouch
  2. A pretty new polo with some sass and style, especially if she hasn't bought a new polo in a while. Personally, I think Cutter and Buck is a classic brand with flattering styles that are also priced well for giving as a gift. This is a graceful polo she can wear on the course and off!cutter-and-buck-ladies-three-quarter-sleeve-DryTec-polo
  3. The prettiest water bottle she ever did see. I LOVE my S'Well water bottle! I use it non-stop. It can keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot, and it fits perfectly in the bottle compartment of a golf bag. Love, love, love. And this design is GORGEOUS. (Your mom's playing partners: "OH MY GOD I LOVE THAT WHERE DID YOU GET IT?" Your mom: "Oh, my darling son/daughter for Mother's Day." Playing partners: Mute from amazement, probably won't be able to even finish a round.)swell-insulated-water-bottle-dark-forest
  4. A ball marker bracelet with some fun bling. A bracelet can be extremely functional: no fiddling for the coin in the bottom of her pocket, no straining to snap the tiny one off of her glove, no switching a hat clip from hat to hat based on her outfit. Something like this one would be good (but of course have it suit her style!)abigaile-lynn-ballmarker-bracelet
  5. A cute new club head cover to freshen the look of her bag on the cheap. Pick one in her favorite color or that matches her bag. Knitted ones never go out of fashion!just4golf-navy-multi-diamond-knitted-driver-headcover.jpg
Go forth, dear children, and don't make Mother's Day boring. There's still time to get her a golf gift that will add some pizzazz to her game and make her think happy thoughts of you all season long!
Yours Truly, GolfBecca

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