Friday, April 29, 2016

Round Reflections: Much Improved, Still More To Do

Five shot improvement from last time, as I was more accurate off the tee and my new 60 degree wedge helped me in the tight lies around the green. I really felt good about this round! I hit 100% more greens (up from one to two, haha), without really working on my swing that much. I've been doing a lot of chipping practice in preparation for this week to try to scramble a little better, and indeed I did do much better in that area.
But putting got the best of me again today. Three-putted SEVEN of NINE holes! That's seven strokes I might not have taken if I had sunk it in two. Total score killer. The greens were a bit slower from aeration but that's still no excuse. To fix that I'll up my practice to twice a day just to get the feel of hitting it solid and accelerating through. Even 10 more minutes each day will be good for that.
Saw a fox on the third hole too which was kind of exciting. One of the things I love about golf is the connection it gives me to nature. I also loved the weather today, strangely. It was cool and damp and a teeny bit drizzly, but not windy. Mentally I was in a good place too. I had a little more pressure on myself when we started, but once I settled in and relaxed things started to feel better.
One more round till the league sets my handicap! I know it will be recalculated every month but I still really want to be in as high of a flight as possible. But all I can do is stick with the process and not worry about that outcome!

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