Friday, July 29, 2016

Helpful Golf Hint to Handle the Heat

life has gotten in the way of golf the past two weeks...and I just have to deal. I'll be back out there soon, and when I do I imagine it will be much harder given my bump is growing considerably.

In the mean time, I thought I would pass along a tip for handling the heat and staying hydrated AND to handle nausea related to pregnancy morning sickness. A fun double-whammy.

When the temperatures rise, it can be hard to keep up with the right amount of water one might need to keep hydration levels where they need to be. And with both pregnancies, I've dealt with a fair share of morning sickness. This second one has not been nearly as bad as my first, but both times around the same remedy worked wonders.

What's worked best for me for both issues might be a surprise: Pedialyte! Specifically, the Popsicle version has been my favorite, as it has satisfied the "cold, refreshing" element that I seek in the heat and doesn't have nearly the intense flavor as the liquid version.  Unlike sports drinks, Pedialyte doesn't have a lot of the unnecessary stuff since it's geared towards children. If you think about it, it makes sense to drink it as a sports drink alternative as it's designed to efficiently re-hydrate children when they get sick and lose fluids. I've even known college football players to chug the stuff during their summer two-a-days because it's way better than a sports drink. I encouraged my players to drink it on the course when we were anticipating extreme heat, especially on our 36-hole days. Of course, some preferred to put it in a nondescript water bottle than to let their competitors know they were drinking a beverage meant for babies with diarrhea. College kids, amirite?

So on days when I know I'll be at risk of losing a lot of water in the heat, or when I've had to quell some nausea before heading off to the course, I'll grab one in lieu of a glass of hot coffee or tea in the morning with breakfast. It tends to keep my energy level up a little bit as the day heats up mid round, because I load up on electrolytes early. On very hot days I come home and have one after. Works wonders for me!

Hope that is a helpful hint for anyone looking to ward of dehydration! Have fun this weekend and I hope everyone who gets to play has a great round!

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